Mud Bay Blues Band
Saturday 1st October 2016 at 8:00pm

For 38 years (and counting), the MUD BAY BLUES BAND has been electrifying audiences world-wide with their distinctive style of original Blues & Roots music. Weathering more than a few storms along the way, they have been acclaimed bona fide Soul Survivors—’The Band That Won’t Go Away’—much to the delight of music lovers near and far.

With Mud Bay Slim (Vocals & Harmonica), Murphy Farrell (drums), Mark Branscombe (Guitar & Vocals) and  Randall T. Carpenter (Guitar, Vocals, Steel guitar, Mandolin); this ain’t your average blues band.

Founded in deepest darkest South Surrey way back in 1978 by blues harp maestro Mud Bay Slim (a.k.a. Harold Arnold), the band’s hard-edged, high-voltage, in-your-face approach — which they dubbed “Neo-Yardbirdism” — distinguished and distanced them from their more conservative counterparts in the sedate Vancouver R&B scene. Widely regarded as “Punks playing Blues”, they were too bluesy for the Rock clubs, too raucous for the Blues clubs. So they created their own scene, hosting legendarily wild and uninhibited gigs throughout the Surrey / White Rock corridor, packing community halls to the rafters with delirious revelers, romping and stomping through the night, then vanishing back into the Surrey mists around the break of dawn.